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Prepare Your Office For The Summer Heat

Working in a hot office all day can affect employee morale and productivity. It makes sense for business owners to prepare in advance for scorching summer days. The following tips can help you beat the heat and create a more comfortable office environment.

Make Sure Your HVAC System is in Top Running Order

When temperatures are climbing, an efficiently running HVAC system can make all the difference in the comfort of the building’s occupants. Schedule a professional service check and any needed maintenance, including coil cleaning and filter changes.

Block Out the Sun’s Rays

Sun shining through the windows will raise the temperature in your office. Close curtains and window blinds to prevent the sun from heating your offices. Remind employees to leave the windows closed while the AC is running.

Power Down Unused Electronics

Computer systems and machinery that are left running when they are not being used can consume significant amounts of energy and add heat to your office. Power down equipment and electronics not currently in use.

Reduce the Lighting in Your Office

Lighting can raise your energy costs and generate heat in your building. Turn off lights that are not needed to make the office a cooler, more comfortable environment.

Use Cooling Stands for Laptops

Many professionals today use a laptop, both on-the-go and while at work. Laptops get hot with extended use, which is not good for the device and generates heat within the office. Laptop cooling stands can help reduce the problem.

Allow Employees to Work from Home If Possible

Employees who travel to work must spend time in a hot car, bus, or train, which can make them irritable and less productive. When they arrive at the office, they power up computers and equipment and turn on the lights in their area. Allowing employees to work from home helps keep them cool and comfortable and can help lower the cost of cooling your office.

Provide Cool Water

It is easier to become dehydrated when temperatures are soaring. Providing filtered water coolers or refrigerated, bottled water can help keep your employees cool and hydrated and help raise morale and productivity.

Business Insurance to Protect Your Office

An important part of maintaining an office is having the insurance coverage you need. Business insurance can protect your company against losses caused by the company or its employees, and provide protection against third-party lawsuits. Our agency can help you determine the type of insurance coverage you need to minimize potential risks to your business and put an effective business insurance plan in place.